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Wheel Balancing

Wheel or tyre imbalance is a common and unavoidable phenomenon that occurs over time. Several factors, like uneven distribution of vehicular weight, tread wear, and road conditions, can cause an imbalance in the tyre and wheel assembly. Left untreated for too long, unbalanced wheels lead to uneven tyre wear and unsafe driving conditions.

Thus, we at Westgate Tyres recommend our customers to get car wheel balancing Morecambe at regular intervals to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Wheel balancing requires substantial expertise since it is a complicated procedure. At our facility, we have state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians to ensure speedy and efficient services.

With us, your searches for “wheel balancing garage near me” can finally end!


Why is wheel balancing necessary?

When the wheel assembly circles around the axis of rotation, acceleration and braking forces act on the axle’s centre. If wheels are balanced, there would be no issues.

With an imbalanced tyre and wheel assembly, however, the axis of rotation shifts. It affects the overall drivability of your car, causing wobbling and bouncing. That can, in turn, impact the steerability of your vehicle. It’s because there’s a transfer of some of the forces experienced by tyres to the steering wheel.

An imbalanced wheel assembly can also affect the safety since shifting of the axis of rotation hinders the transmission of acceleration and braking forces effectively.


If you leave wheels imbalanced for a prolonged period, it can even cause damage to steering and suspension components in your car, which translates to expensive repairs.

There’s nothing you can do to avoid wheel imbalance, even with high-quality manufacturing methods. But with routine wheel balancing, you can prevent the consequences mentioned above.

So, bring your car down to our facility for professional wheel balancing and alignment services in Morecambe today!

What does wheel balancing involve?

The ultimate purpose of wheel balancing is to equalise the weights of the wheels across the assembly. For that, there are two ways:

    • Static balancing

It involves balancing the wheels at rest. If a tyre is statically imbalanced, then its centre of gravity has shifted from its axis of rotation due to one spot of the tyre becoming heavier than the other. It causes the tyre to move up and down. We use state-of-the-art bubble balancer to ensure adequate weight is placed on the opposite side to set right the imbalance.

    • Dynamic balancing

In dynamic balancing, the tyres are made to spin on a wheel balancer to check for weight imbalances on all three axes. Naturally, it is more complicated than static balancing. When the analyses are complete, the computer tells us how much weight is required in which areas for precise and efficient wheel balancing.

When to get car wheel balancing Morecambe?

We recommend getting your wheels balanced every 3000 to 6000 miles. However, it would help if you also visited our wheel balancing garage Morecambe whenever you notice these symptoms:

i. Vibration in steering wheel, floorboard, and/or seats at high speeds.

ii. There’s an increase in fuel consumption.

iii. Uneven tread wear.

iv. Suspension issues.

v. After hitting a curb or driving through a deeper pothole.

vi. Every time you get new tyres fitted.

Here at Westgate Tyres, wheel balancing will always be done as part of the fitting process.