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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?

The exhaust system emits the exhaust fumes that the internal combustion engine produces when burning fuel. These fumes contain several, highly toxic gases. An exhaust system reduces the toxicity of this combustion by-product and channels it out of the vehicle.

While exhaust systems are meant to last a long time, with the use of stainless and aluminised steel, they can wear out due to a host of factors. And since this mechanism is so significant, it is essential to turn to the best exhaust servicing garage Morecambe.

We at Westgate Tyres are a leading automotive facility in the Morecambe neighbourhood. Our extensive exhaust repair facility, backed by an efficient and experienced team of experts, allows us to provide affordable and time-efficient services every time.


Significance of the exhaust system

An exhaust system performs these following functions:

i. Emits the contaminations in an engine, which allows it to function adequately.

ii. Channels away the harmful gases from the passenger cabin.

iii. Protects the environment by lowering the toxicity of emissions.

iv. The silencer in an exhaust system reduces emission noises, providing quiet and comfortable rides.

v. An exhaust system also helps in maintaining fuel efficiency.

The result, a malfunctioning exhaust system can affect the overall drivability of a vehicle considerably. Naturally, exhaust repairing services Morecambe requires substantial expertise.

Signs of a failing exhaust system

You might want to get your car down to our facility if you notice one or more of these symptoms in your vehicle:

1. Rattling sound

Rattling sound from underneath your car can be the sign of a misaligned or loose exhaust pipe. Usually, it’s potholes that cause the mounting to wear, leading it to lose grip on the pipe. A rattling sound, like a box of stone chips shaking, can also indicate a failing catalytic converter. In either case, you should avail professional assistance immediately.

2. Hissing noises

You might hear a hissing sound when there is a leak or crack in the exhaust manifold gasket, which causes the exhaust to leak out. The hissing might sharpen if the engine is cold or during acceleration. You should search “exhaust servicing near me” at the earliest if you hear hissing noises from your vehicle because it might lead to toxic gases entering the passenger cabin.

3. Dragging sound

Exhaust pipes can accumulate rust over time and snap, which can lead to them hanging or dragging. You wouldn’t want a dragging exhaust pipe. In such a case, reach out to us promptly.

4. Loss of power and acceleration

An exhaust leak can cause loss of power and acceleration, and lead to deteriorating fuel-efficiency. It happens because, with an exhaust leak, there’s a lack of backpressure. Without backpressure, engine performance starts to suffer.

5. Smells

If you experience a smell like burning plastic, then the exhaust might have leaked on to a plastic part. It can also smell like raw gasoline if the exhaust did not make it through the rest of the pipes.

Apart from these, you might also hear a roaring sound. It indicates a failed silencer in the system.

These are all good reasons to visit our exhaust servicing garage Morecambe at the earliest.

If you have any questions or would like us to have a look, please come to see us.