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Are you searching for a set of top quality tyres Flookburgh?

Look no further and reach out to us - Westgate Tyres.

We stock an enviable collection of tyres for every budget and compatible with every car make and model.

Our tyre categories

  • Summer Tyres: Summer units feature lesser grooves and a shallower tread design necessary for optimum traction on dry and wet surfaces. These tyres can also disperse water fast, reducing the chances of hydroplaning.
  • Winter Tyres: When temperatures fall below 7 degree Celsius, summer or all-weather tyres cannot perform well. We recommend installing winter tyres for maximum grip and safety on ice-covered tracks.
  • All-Season Tyres: All-season or all-weather tyres can perform well throughout the year in moderate climatic conditions. Plus, these units are an economical option as they cut down the cost of replacing tyres every season.

You can purchase your preferred tyre models from our facility at Westgate Old Works, Westgate, Morecambe, LA3 3DD. Else, you can head to our official website, place an order, and select a tyre fitting date and time as per your convenience. All we require is your vehicle’s registration number or tyre size details to show you relevant tyre results. 

LApart from premium, mid-range and cheap tyres Flookburgh, we also specialise in retailing top-quality car batteries.

Our services

  • Wheel alignment: Properly aligned wheels ensure a comfortable and smooth driving experience. Professionals at our garage suggest wheel alignment checks on a periodic basis. If you notice obvious signs of misalignment like steering wheel vibrations or accelerated tyre wear, please make sure to contact us.
  • MOT: If your vehicle is above three years old, it must compulsorily pass an annual MOT Flookburgh to certify its roadworthiness. We are associated with a DVSA-certified MOT facility that can conduct all necessary inspections using modern tools and equipment.
  • Summer and winter checks: Considering the harsh winter conditions and dry and warm climate in summers, pre-emptive summer and winter services at our facility can help avoid unexpected car breakdowns.

For more information on our tyres, batteries, wheel alignment, etc., feel free to ring us on 01524 840044. You can even share feedback and reviews at

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