Are you looking for Catalytic Converter for your vehicle?

Catalytic converter, an essential part of your car’s exhaust system, is critical to the vehicle’s emission control. This particular component undergoes strict emission testing during an MOT test, failing which, your vehicle will not be allowed on the roads.


Therefore, you need to be vigilant and look out for the indicators of a failing catalytic converter. Besides, it is ideal to opt for routine servicing and repair of catalytic converter Morecambe.

And for this purpose precisely, car owners in and around Morecambe vouch for the services of Westgate Tyres. Whether you drive a passenger car or an SUV, we are an ideal companion when it comes to prompt fixes of issues with your car’s catalytic converter and other exhaust components.

How does a catalytic converter work?

The catalytic converter plays a vital role in ensuring your vehicle’s roadworthiness and safety. In a complicated process using catalysts, the converter filters our toxic compounds like carbon monoxide from exhaust emissions and converts the same into a mixture of harmless gases.

During its functional life cycle, the catalytic converter tends to clog. Under such circumstances, you need to book the services of an authorised catalytic converter cleaner Morecambe.

When should you avail of our services?

A malfunctioning catalytic converter inevitably leads to higher harmful emissions. Moreover, it increases the risk of noxious carbon monoxide getting inside the passenger cabin. If you come across any of the following symptoms, make sure you reach our professional auto garage.

1. Check engine light turns on: If you see the check engine light is illuminating on the dashboard, a malfunctioning catalytic converter might not be the obvious culprit. However, it is one of the common reasons and therefore, you should allow an experienced auto technician to detect the issue.

2. Rotten egg smell: Fuels contain sulphates which have a characteristic rotten egg smell. A faulty catalytic converter results in fuel build-up and as a result, you might perceive this obnoxious smell.

3. Dark exhaust smoke coming from the tailpipe: If your 4-wheeler’s catalytic converter is clogged, it will not allow exhaust fumes to exit from the car easily. Consequently, the exhausts accumulate, and when it finally exits, it comes out in the form of thick dark smoke.

By availing the services of our reliable catalytic converter cleaner Morecambe, you can get rid of this issue in a jiffy.

4. Reduced mileage: Another impact of a clogged catalytic converter is that it reduces airflow and hence, your car engine burns extra fuel. If not attended to, this inevitably leads to poor fuel economy.

5. Rattling sound coming from under the car: In case the catalytic converter is damaged, its honeycomb mesh interior tends to break and collapse. The broken pieces vibrate and generate a rattling sound while you drive.

Now that you know about the importance of this component and the signs of its malfunction, you are probably looking for “catalytic converter repair near me”.

Westgate Tyres provides top-quality catalytic converter servicing and repairs! You can also visit our garage. We are always looking forward to helping you out.